Mr. George J. Nace, Principal, receives a surprise celebration on his birthday! Catholic Schools Week 2013 - Volleyball Fans Fire Safety Day, October 2012. School Mass, St. Benedict Church. Students painting to raise funds for the local soup kitchen.

Providing Over 100 Years of Catholic Education
What started in the past… is now our legacy.

The Mission of St. Benedict School is to empower all students to excel by fostering an educational environment in cooperation with home, school, and community. We are a Catholic School and students are guided by the Holy Spirit and called by Jesus to love one another. We embrace the belief that every child’s learning style is unique, to be recognized and accepted. In order to accomplish this mission, we work toward creating a differentiated learning environment where students can achieve while using all of their gifts and abilities.

Our students invite you to "ASK US" about St. Benedict School.


Latest News

SVDP Youth Conference Volunteers at the Food Distribution Center
Members of the SVDP Youth Conference volunteered at the Johnstown Food Distribution Center last Wednesday morning.  They will continue with this service every first Wednesday of the month. …

Recipients of the Robert M. McGowan Sr. “Ultimate Citizen” Stewardship Scholarship
Congratulations to Tessia Robison and Evan Yost, recipients of the Robert M. McGowan Sr. "Ultimate Citizen" Stewardship Scholarship!  The two students were acknowledged and received their award at mass this morning.  The award goes to a……

2014 Peeps on Parade
Congratulations to Emma Haman for her award winning peep, Peep John Paul II. To see other Peeps on Parade, please click……